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Time Hosted: over 3 years
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suck totally
Our VM crashing every day. Their storage node need to be rebooted every time. Our business is loosing customers because of this.
David Jones (reachingterminalvelocity@c...)
Time Hosted: 6 mo. to 1 year
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CloudSigma were simply the best European based cloud provide I tested
Great customer service combined with a unique approach to IaaS. I like their transparent pricing and non nonsense approach. I also found their web console to be by far the easiest to use.

As someone with experience in web hosting but not cloud hosting I found the transition to be particularly painless with CloudSigma.

I tested other cloud companies in parallel but CloudSigma were on a different level. Their Swiss location and robust approach to data security was particularly important to me also.


About Cloud Sigma

CloudSigma, a pure-cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions enabling the digital industrial economy, offers highly-available, flexible, enterprise-class cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions both in Europe and the U.S. CloudSigma is the most customizable cloud provider on the market, giving customers full control over their cloud and eliminating restrictions on how users deploy their computing resources.

Recently CloudSigma was named a Cool Vendor in the Cool Vendors in the European Cloud Computing Market, 2013[1] report, authored by Gartner Research Director Gregor Petri, Gartner Research Director Tiny Haynes and Gartner Research Director Hanns Koehler-Kruener. According to Gartner’s analysis, “Cloud computing in Europe is developing slower than in other parts of the world, especially North America, but this region is home to some bright spot vendors that warrant closer examination.” Gartner names CloudSigma’s IaaS offering as innovative, impactful and intriguing. CloudSigma is increasingly being recognized for its advancement of the cloud IaaS industry and more information may be found at or by visiting the company on Twitter @CloudSigma, Facebook and Google+.

Service Description

CloudSigma's virtualization is based on KVM and includes full CPU instruction set, flexible CPU provisioning, NUMA topology exposure and QEMU VIRTIO (para-visualization). Key differentiators include flexible operating system options, mount-your-own image; hardware layer encryption for storage; decoupling of CPU, RAM and storage; automatic redundancy and fail-over; customized Firewall/Network and a secure data center conforming to strict Swiss data privacy laws.

Service Feature Benefits

- Open software layer (run any x86 OS with Full root/administrative access)
- Full unbundled resources and utility pricing (no fixed server sizes and per unit pricing)
- Fast all-SSD resilient storage at magnetic storage prices
- Transparent private patch capability for Hybrid cloud (extend cloud private networks diretly over private patches)
- Dual 10GigE networking offering up to 7Gbps between cloud VMs
- Highest price/performance point in the industry
- A Swiss location offering a safe data environment

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PlansWebsite Products

Cloud Keep mouse
over features!
PriceDisk Space Transfer UpdatedRAM /
Dedicated IPs
Cloud IaaSfeaturesUnlike many other IaaS providers, CloudSigma does not bundle these products together but allows its customers to finely tune exactly the combination of resources they require. By billing in simple and transparent units for each resource separately, [...]
Plan URL :
Micro - Regular 34.00/mo.80 GBunmetered
Micro - High CPU 48.00/mo.80 GBunmetered
Standard - Small 53.00/mo.80 GBunmetered
Micro Regular Cloud Server $57.00/mo.80 GBunmetered
Micro High CPU Cloud Server $75.00/mo.80 GBunmetered
Standard Small Cloud Server $86.00/mo.80 GBunmetered
High CPU - Medium 118.00/mo.150 GBunmetered
High CPU Medium Cloud Server $169.00/mo.150 GBunmetered
Standard - Large 213.00/mo.250 GBunmetered
Standard Large Cloud Server $292.00/mo.250 GBunmetered
High Memory - Extra Large 359.00/mo.250 GBunmetered
Standard - Extra Large 426.00/mo.500 GBunmetered
High CPU - Extra Large 437.00/mo.500 GBunmetered
High Memory Extra Large Cloud Server $479.00/mo.250 GBunmetered
Standard Extra Large Cloud Server $566.00/mo.500 GBunmetered
High CPU Extra Large Cloud Server $579.00/mo.500 GBunmetered
High Memory - Double Extra Large 774.00/mo.500 GBunmetered
High Memory Double Extra Large Cloud Server $1,013.00/mo.500 GBunmetered

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Targeting: Switzerland, United States

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CloudSigma Receives Enterprise-Ready Rating from the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ Program - CloudSigma, a public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions, announced today it has been awarded the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ rating of “enterprise-ready” for its CloudSigma Iaas Services. Skyhigh identifies and classifies thousands of cloud services and provides an objective and detailed evaluation of the enterprise-readiness of each cloud service based on a detailed set of criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).
The evaluation spans five categories:
Data attributes
User and device attributes
Service attributes
Business attributes
Legal attributes
Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection. CloudSigma is excited to have received the Skyhigh CloudTrust™ acknowledgment for the measures undertaken to develop its security strategy.
“CloudSigma strives to ... [search all news]

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About: CloudSigma, a pure-cloud IaaS provider with advanced hybrid hosting solutions enabling the digital industrial economy, offers highly-available, flexible, enterprise-class cloud servers and cloud hosting solutions both in Europe and the U.S. CloudSigma is the most customizable cloud provider on the market, giving customers full control over their cloud and eliminating restrictions on how users deploy their computing resources. With CloudSigma, customers can provision processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources as they please, as well as easily deploy any compatible operating system or application with full root/administrative access. The result is the highest-performing cloud at the most efficient price possible.

CloudSigma is increasingly being recognized for its advancement of the cloud IaaS industry. We are proud to have been chosen as a 2013 Cool Vendor by Gartner Group and a Top 25 cloud company in both 2010 and 2012.
We are also the first public [...]

CloudSigma (est. 2009) is a Privately Held entity having 657 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
About: Giving its 1,000+ customers full control over their cloud and eliminating restrictions on how users deploy their computing resources, CloudSigma provides them precisely the capacity volumes they need, rather than forcing them into fixed packages. CloudSigma focuses on customers that have, complex compute requirements, such as companies in the financial services, media, manufacturing and other R&D intensive industries irrelevant of their size. 
CloudSigma account is having 598 followers and 1267 plus one count. See recent Google+ Posts: Icon
- CloudSigma expands its Public Cloud to Melbourne, its Second Australian Location. Learn more: CloudSigma Expands Public Cloud to Melbourne, its Second Australian Location
- How shoelaces come undone - Three Californian engineers have found out the answer to a knotty problem The science of shoelaces: How shoelaces come undone | The Economist
- @CloudSigma at DARZ GmbH now offers direct connectivity via DE-CIX #cloud #security CloudSigma joins the DirectCLOUD network at DE-CIX Internet Exchange
Cloud Sigma Blog Blog added on 2013 May, with total 80 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- How to dynamically update and manage reverse DNS/PTR records for your CloudSigma infrastructure - It is now possible to dynamically manage your PTR records on CloudSigma's DNS servers. This new functionality provides greater flexibility in setting up your applications in our cloud. We now accept d
- Are we stealing from you? Understanding CPU Steal Time in the Cloud - Customers often ask about CPU steal time, especially those that use the CPUs heavily and for whom it's a key performance criteria. There are quite a few differences in the setup and behaviour of CPUs
- Our CEO Discusses Hybrid Cloud - The reality is that the vast majority of companies are going to need to adopt a hybrid cloud approach to incorporate existing and new technologies and systems. But what is hybrid cloud really and ...

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Robert Worthington (robert.worthington@r...)
Time Hosted: 2 to 3 years
Global rating
Customer Relation
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I only have good things to say about this excellent cloud hosting company. Very prompt replies to any queries I might have, great performance and a very transparent and open pricing scheme.

The ability to run any operating system and retain full and sole access to data for me was the clincher. I was also impressed with the company's board which includes many leading industry names.

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