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About Bytemark Hosting

Bytemark started in 2001 as a consulting firm based in York, UK. Its directors are experienced software and network engineers Matthew Bloch and Peter Taphouse. They combined their experience to build one of the UK's 'nerd hosting outfit of choice'.

Our multi-homed network is the result of years of work and around a quarter of a million pounds total investment in core routing and access equipment. It means we are able to route our customers' traffic through the best path for their visitors, and are able to continually control our own routing policies.

Design principles

We have aimed for two very simple principles when designing our network: that it should be capable of taking the most abusive traffic patterns that we have encountered, and that it should be capable of withstanding the failure of any single piece of core equipment (routers or distribution switches).

We are a member of RIPE, the European regional internet registry, and have a total of 20000+ IPv4 addresses and AS35425 under our direct control. This means we are independent of any one transit supplier, and are in control of our own network. We are also members of several peering points who allow us direct routes to many UK destinations, and Nominet, the UK domain registrar.

Bytemark's offices are based in York, but our data centres, the technical hub of our operation, are in Manchester. We have several cages across two sites, and also connectivity down to our old hosting locations in London.

Our main hosting location is in Manchester where we have two cages full of servers and core network. The cages are on opposite sides of the building's central bridge, with key pieces of networking equipment and incoming cabling split to ensure maximum redundancy within the site.

Since the start of 2010 we've kept space in a second Manchester data centre, allowing us to spread clustered customers' servers across two data centres.

Our network started out in London, and we maintain core networking equipment and some hosting in our racks in Sovereign House and Telecity North. However we are no longer dependent on our London network for the vast majority of our hosting operation.

East London and Docklands, the traditional home of the UK internet, has become increasingly unattractive for further expansion. The increasingly high rents, limited power budgets (soon to be made worse by the demands of the 2012 Olympic developments), and higher risk of flooding and terrorism are all contributing to a much-needed decentralization.

Technical History

As consultants, we had been surprised how well free virtual machine technology worked, even back in 2001. It worked well enough that we were able to economise on our own hosting by offering our consulting customers virtual machine hosting, and we didn't have to pay a penny for commercial solutions. This gave us the idea to reformed around hosting rather than consulting.

After trialling the virtual machine system with some volunteers from September 2002, the service was developed commercially and now provides a cheap and flexible hosting platform that we continue to develop.
2004 - We decided relatively quickly after forming that to survive for the long term, we should be in control of our racks and IP space. 2004 was the year that we joined RIPE as full members, acquired our first network addresses and started to maintain our own network. We also started serious investment in racks in Redbus Sovereign House. We also started to offer dedicated servers, whose prices have come down over the years, despite rack costs continuing to rise.
2006 - We invested in our first full cage in Redbus Meridian Gate.
2007 - We became one of the first ISPs with the technical expertise to support the Xen hypervisor directly on customers dedicated servers. Furthermore we started on a major expansion of our data centre floor space with Internet Facilitators Limited in Manchester.
2008 - Introduction of our wholesale anti-spam and anti-virus solution starting at only 50p per domain, and an open source, and uniquely easy-to-use Debian distribution which makes root access easier to handle. A further major expansion in Manchester.
2009 - Another cage signed in Manchester, and expansion into UKGrid's Synergy House data centre. We also hired three more staff to cope with increased customer demand for our managed services.
2010 - As well as offering clustered hosting that spanned into our new UKGrid data centre, we launched our storage monster boxes, and near-doubled our virtual machine RAM at each price point.

Bytemark Hosting has been the "geek hosting outfit of choice" for UK hosting since 2002, because it's run by a programmer (Matthew Bloch) and network engineer (Peter Taphouse) They have built it from scratch with a goal of technical excellence, writing most of their own software and tools to run the business exactly the way they want. With a staff of software engineers, they are continuing on that trajectory. Their hosting spans L15 per month servers to multi-site managed projects with high uptime guarantees.

Bytemark have two large hosting spaces in Manchester linked by L250,000 of core networking equipment, links down to London, and around ten gigabit connections. This is overprovisioned compared to similarly-sized hosts, but with a goal of being robust in the face of random disconnections or abuse.

Bytemark run a comprehensive managed hosting service, and have host for big national brands like ASDA & Bostik, govermnent departments such as the Deparment Health and Central Office of Information, and hi-tech businesses such as travel site and Britain's larget mystery shopping company, Retail Eyes. They also have loan comparison companies, property search sites, car hire companiesm and thousands of smaller web developers who trust their clients to Bytemark's solid infrastructure and understanding of their software. Facebook Cover
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Bytemark Hosting 4GB Linux Virtual Machine featuresThe Bytemark Hosting 4GB Linux Virtual Machine is Bytemark Hosting's flagship hosting product. This is a complete Linux server based on the User-Mode Linux kernel and offers great value without sacrificing the full control of a dedicated [...]$24.75/mo. 4 GB25 GB
Bytemark Hosting 8GB Linux Virtual Machine featuresThe Bytemark Hosting 8GB Linux Virtual Machine is Bytemark Hosting's flagship hosting product. This is a complete Linux server based on the User-Mode Linux kernel and offers great value without sacrificing the full control of a dedicated [...]$44.55/mo. 8 GB50 GB
Bytemark Hosting 12GB Linux Virtual Machine featuresThe Bytemark Hosting 12GB Linux Virtual Machine is Bytemark Hosting's flagship hosting product. This is a complete Linux server based on the User-Mode Linux kernel and offers great value without sacrificing the full control of a dedicated [...]$64.35/mo. 12 GB75 GB
Bytemark Hosting 16GB Linux Virtual Machine featuresThe Bytemark Hosting 16GB Linux Virtual Machine is Bytemark Hosting's flagship hosting product. This is a complete Linux server based on the User-Mode Linux kernel and offers great value without sacrificing the full control of a dedicated [...]$82.51/mo. 16 GB100 GB

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About: Bytemark offers Internet hosting services to people who truly care about their hosting, particularly technical and corporate users. Bytemark sells real and virtual servers, scaling to very large server sizes. Bytemark focusses deep technical expertise on a small range of products.
Bytemark Hosting (est. 2001) is a Privately Held entity having 106 followers on LinkedIn and 11-50 employees, industry Information Technology & Services.
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Bytemark Hosting Blog  Using Wordpress version 4.6.1. Blog added on Feb, 2012, with total 79 articles, language en-US. See recent blogs summary posts:
- Blogs, Style guides, and the Bytemark Brand - You may have noticed something different (yet familiar) with the Bytemark blog today. If you haven't, clear your cache because it's had an overhaul!
- What’s new (and what’s not) about Friday’s DDoS - Last Friday's denial-of-service attacks took down Netflix, Reddit, Twitter and other big internet services. You might have noticed slow-loading pages, or not being able to watch a favourite show, or e
- Gold sponsors of Code Mesh - I'm proud to announce that Bytemark are gold sponsors of Code Mesh, the Alternative Programming Conference, which promotes unusual and novel programming practice. The theme is “the right tool for the

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