May, 2016 : Does Your Hosting Really Impact Website Load Speeds?

May 9, 2016 - It's no secret, we live in a world that wants everything immediately. Nobody is willing to wait, especially for a website to load.

You get three seconds, if you're luck, to impress a visitor and get them to stay. If your website takes two seconds to load, you only have one left to grab their attention.

Website load speeds are vital for any business. Not only do they factor into your overall conversions, but they also factor into your search engine ranking. Google uses page load speeds in their algorithm and many other search engines do, too.

The advice about website load speeds found on the web isn't always accurate. Many experts do believe web hosting is one of the aspects most often ignored when it comes to page load speed. Here's how your hosting may be slowing down your website load times.

Benefits of a Faster Website

While the benefits of a faster website may be overstated on many blogs, they do exist. Page load speeds may help give you a higher ranking and higher overall SEO score. They may also help with conversions and your bounce rate. This is especially true with e-commerce websites.

How Does your Hosting Impact Your Speed?

The hosting company, type and package you choose do impact how fast your website will load. There are specific factors that will either make your site faster or slower, which include:

Local Resources – When your resources are found on a shared server it can cause slower performance. It's best to keep your resources on your own web server.
Fast Hard Drives – Some hosting companies don't offer the fastest hard drives. A solid state drive will load files faster compared to a standard hard drive.
Dedicated Resources – Maybe the most important factor with your hosting package is the dedicated resources. When you have resources dedicated to just you, it will keep other sites from using up resources you need, such as processor and memory. Choosing a VPS or dedicated server compared to a shared hosting plan may have a huge impact on your overall speed.
More Resources – Have you ever notice your personal computer slowing down when you fill it up with videos or pictures? Your hosting works the same way. When you fill up your resources with too many files, it can slow down your website. The more memory and processing power you have, the faster your website will load.

These elements all have an impact on your website load speeds and they come directly from the hosting company, type and package you choose.

What can you Expect if You Upgrade Your Hosting?

Going from a shared hosting account to a VPS or dedicated account may have a considerable impact on your load times and overall website performance. This is especially true for resource intensive websites. If you experience slow load times when multiple visitors come to your website, upgrading your hosting may solve the issue, as well.

If you'd like your website to load faster, there are several things you can do to speed it up. Cod optimization is where many people start, along with adding extensions or plugins. You may also consider a CDN to speed up your website.

However, don't forget about your hosting. You can use every tip or trick for better speed, but if you still use outdated shared hosting, it won't make much of a difference. Often, your hosting package is the culprit and should be the first place you look when you want to speed up your website load times.

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