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Top 10 cities where are located webhosting companies in this country are:
Moscow (20), (16), St. Petersburg (3), Saint-petersburg (2), Yekaterinburg (1), Санкт-Петербург (1)

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Elastic Web /

(Surgut, Hmao) - ElasticWeb is a global hosting provider. The company has thousands of customers in over 10 countries worldwide, its headquarters are in Russia. It has data centres located in France, Russia, Ukraine. ElasticWeb was the first public hosting service built on Linux Kernel-based dedicated servers with a updated Feb 2018

  • Elastic
    : $ 0.30/mo. : Linux/Windows Shared
  • Strong
    : $ 30.00/mo. : Linux VPS
  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 2
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating2,577,282
  • Links Count: 59

(Moscow) - Хостинг-провайдер Well-Web. Купить стабильный надежный виртуальный хостинг для сайта. Аренда VPS с бесплатным администрированием! Заказывай прямо сейчас! updated Feb 2018

  • Старт
    : $ 2.28/mo. : Linux Shared
  • Start
    : $ 8.00/mo. : Linux/Windows VPS
  • Standart
    : $ 12.00/mo. : Linux/Windows VPS
  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 3
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating1,006,659
  • Links Count: 28

(Moscow) - SmartApe is the first hosting company to publically offer unlimited hosting for websites on the market. By doing that we were trying to take away all the headache involved in choosing proper plans for your needs. SmartApe uses the most modern technologies and approaches when putting together ... updated Oct 2017

  • No. plans: 8
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating329,510
  • Links Count: 179
Gudzon Host /

(Беллевью) - GudzonHost was founded in early 2004 and provides quality services abroad for Russian-speaking webmasters. Since then, we have the opportunity to stay in Europe and Russia for the customers who need just such an arrangement. We specialize in providing quality web hosting at affordable prices ... updated May 2017

  • U1
    : $ 2.51/mo. : Linux Shared
  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 1
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating5,707,562
  • Links Count: 102
Full Space /

(St.-petersburg) - Fast and reliable shared-hosting. Free domain names (in .RU tld). Free trusted SSL certificates. Hosting provider FullSpace provides virtual hosting services, as well as domain name registration. When creating a hosting platform we use professional equipment, SSD-drives choose reliable ... updated Mar 2017

  • No. user reviews: 0
  • No. plans: 5
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rating814,628
  • Links Count: 57

Quick comparison of the last added cheapest plans for brands in Russian Federation

Plan NameBrandProduct TypePlatformDiskSpaceTransferPriceHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan Iconprofitserver.ruShared HostingLinux3 GB SSDunmetered$ 1.23/mo.unlimited / 0 / 02018-05-18 Iconking-servers.comShared HostingLinux5 GBunmetered$ 2.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02018-05-01 Iconunlim24.comShared HostingLinux2 GB SASunmetered$ 1.50/mo.5 / 0 / 02018-02-19 Iconhostenko.comShared HostingLinux/Windows500 MBunmetered$ 0.00/mo.12017-12-01 Iconr01.ruShared HostingLinux/Windows3 GBunmetered$ 3.56/mo.62017-12-01 Iconpeterhost.ruShared HostingLinux1 GBunmetered$ 1.44/mo.12017-12-01 Iconmtw.ruShared HostingLinux/Windows10 GBunmetered$ 1.72/mo.52017-12-01 Iconnaunet.ruShared HostingLinux5 GBunmetered$ 2.54/mo.52017-12-01 Iconnetfox.ruShared HostingLinux10 MBunmetered$ 0.69/mo.22017-12-01
Minim-hoster.comShared HostingLinux2 GBunmetered$ 0.50/mo.unlimited2017-12-01
Старт Iconwell-web.netShared HostingLinuxunlimitedunmetered$ 2.28/mo.32017-12-01 Iconmultihost.ruShared HostingLinux7 GBunmetered$ 2.11/mo.72017-12-01
Битрикс: Бизнес. Icongiveweb.hostingShared HostingLinux/Windows30 GB SSDunmetered$ 17.69/mo.52017-12-01 Iconlogol.ruShared HostingLinux7 GBunmetered$ 1.45/mo.152017-12-01
Breezeh2.ruShared HostingLinux1 GBunmetered$ 2.02/mo.12017-12-01 Iconsmartape.ruShared HostingLinuxunlimited SSDunmetered$ 4.90/mo.unlimited2017-10-27 Icongudzonhost.ruShared HostingLinux4 GB1000000 GB$ 2.51/mo.102017-05-07
Single Iconfullspace.ruShared HostingLinux2 GB SSDunmeteredRUB 67.00/mo.1 / 1 / 02017-03-31 Iconcishost.ruShared HostingLinux50 MB HDD 10000 RPMunmeteredRUB 10.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02017-03-30 Iconrigweb.ruShared HostingLinux1 GB SSDunmetered€ 1.59/mo.unlimited / 1 / 12017-03-19
Year Icontimeweb.comShared HostingLinux5 GBunmeteredRUB 99.00/mo.1 / 1 / 02016-12-26 Iconsprinthost.ruShared HostingLinux3 GBunmeteredRUB 110.00/mo.3 / 0 / 02016-12-26 Iconmasterhost.ruShared HostingLinux/WindowsunlimitedunmeteredRUB 39.00/mo.3 / 0 / 02016-12-26
130 Iconhc.ruShared HostingLinux1500 MBunmeteredRUB 130.00/mo.1 / 0 / 02016-12-26 Iconsweb.ruShared HostingLinux3 GBunmeteredRUB 159.00/mo.5 / 1 / 02016-12-22

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