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- Dec 25, 2010 - MONACO Hosting Platform - This is a courtesy notification that our MONACO hosting platform is having RAID hardware issues that needs to be addressed for the mean time. While we are on this, you might experience several reboots or downtime as we try to urgently resolve this ...
- Sep 24, 2010 - MONACO: TimThumb hits for mod_security Updated - If you are experiencing image thumbnails not appearing from MONACO hosting platform, kindly let us know as your domains need to be whitelisted in order for your thumbnail image to appear properly. Please note that when working with mod_security ...
- Feb 11, 2010 - MONACO - Kernel Emergency Update - This is simply to notify that MONACO server is needed to be rebooted fo a short period to use the new kernel update. Emergceny kernel update is needed on this server alone.
- Jan 27, 2010 - MONACO - Apache Emergency Update - An emergency updates is needed to be applied to our MONACO Apache server only. All WWW website pages would temporarily be unreachable for quite a few minutes while Apache service is being updated and reloaded. During the update, websites can be ...

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DATACENTER EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP LINES UP FOR MONACO MEETING - Apr, 2015 - The executive leadership of four of the most influential datacenter players will meet in what will be the first ever public conversation during a panel taking place at Datacloud Europe in Monaco 3-4 June. Datacloud Europe is the region’s premier forum for IT and cloud ...
DataCloud Europe 2015 announces stellar speaker line up - Apr, 2015 - Europe’s Premier Datacentre and Cloud event attracts 1,800 senior executives and decision makers from around the world takes place in Monaco 3-4 June. Speakers from a diverse range of international organizations will come together to share their expertise including: ...
Cutting edge technology previews disruptive change through enterprise cloud adoption at major European conference - Mar, 2015 - Cloud represents one of the largest disruptions in Enterprise IT in the last decade according to Abhijit Dubey, Principal at McKinsey & Co, San Francisco, who will be keynoting at Europe’s largest regional leadership event for the IT infrastructure and cloud sector. ...