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Top 10 cities where are located webhosting companies in this country are:
Cairo (14), Giza (3), Alexandria (3), Mansourah (2)

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(New Damietta, Dameitta) - محجوز . كوم تسعى للتقدم بمستوى الفكر العربى بتكلنولوجيا المعلومات الى مستوى اعلى للوصول بالعالم العربى الى طبقة التقدم والرقى الفكرى سعيا للحصول على اسمى درجات الامتياز وتكوين عالم تكنولوجى منفتح ويرسم بداية طريق الأمل. aims to make a great achievments in Middel east thought about the information thechnology , and grow up with the arab thouhgt level , to reach with the Arab world to the best level of progress and intellectual advancement , In order to obtain the highest degree of excellence , and creating an open world technological paints the beginning of the path of hope ..
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Quick comparison of the last added cheapest plans for brands in Egypt

Plan NameBrandProduct TypeDiskSpaceTransferPriceSetupDate Plan
HostKdahostkda.comShared Hosting5 GB25 GB$ 0.00/mo.02014-12-01
استضافة أوlife-host.infoShared Hosting4 GB1000 GB$ 4.00/mo.02014-12-01
RH-10000ramahost.comShared Hosting10 GB100 GB$ 28.00/mo.02014-12-01
FREE Domain Name - Comapnyspctec.comShared Hosting2 GB15 GB$ 40.00/mo.02014-12-01
Starter Hosting Planitekhost.comShared Hosting500 MB5 GB$ 1.99/mo.$ 22008-11-20
NetworkEgyptnetworkegypt.comShared Hosting1 GB5 GB$ 5.83/mo.02008-10-27
Arab 4 Web Services - hostac plusarab4ws.comShared Hosting20 GB200000 GB$ 18.92/mo.02008-10-27
Hosting Plan Ahdeya.comShared Hosting250 MB2500 GB$ 3.00/mo.02008-10-27
4QHost Plan 14qhost.comShared Hosting50 MB5 GB$ 0.80/mo.02008-10-27
Cloud Hosting 128 MB Ramhvips.comCloudunlimitedunmeteredSAR 140.00/mo.02015-05-10

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