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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is cryptographic protocol that provide security for communications over networks such as the Internet.Choice from our list of providers the SSL Certificates plan which meets your need!

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(Columbus, Ohio) - IXwebhosting (est. 1999 ) realize that offering webhosting dislike offering an auto. They are in charge of your site, and also your bliss with their administrations. At IX they concluded that they needed to give the best and most outstanding client bolster in the business. That is the reason ... updated Apr 2016
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(West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire) - Webhosting UK was established in the year 2001 with a pivotal aspiration to offer the best quality unmatched services and customer satisfaction that was in everyone's price range. Since it's inception, Webhosting UK has been committed to entrust customers with effective & easy to use web ... updated Jul 2016

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Quick comparison of the last added cheapest plans for brands in SSL Certificates products

Plan NameBrandPriceSetupDate Plan
Symantec Safe$ 269.00/yr.02017-11-18
RAPID$ 22.00/yr.02017-11-03
Personal SSL€ 109.00/yr.€ 1992017-10-07
SSL$ 60.00/yr.02017-09-22
Trusted SSL 85.00/yr.02017-09-18
Let's Encrypt€ 1.90/mo.02017-09-14
Domain Validated$ 39.99/yr.02017-09-11
AlphaSSL SSL$ 39.95/yr.02017-09-08
Free 256-bit SSL£ 0.00/yr.02017-09-07
AlphaSSL$ 16.67/yr.02017-09-07
Domain Validated$ 31.99/yr.02017-09-06
Thawte$ 52.00/yr.02017-09-05
Comodo$ 9.95/yr.02017-09-05
EasyTrust SSL 50.00/yr.02017-09-04
Comodo€ 6.99/yr.02017-09-03
Comodo Positive$ 17.00/yr.02017-09-01
Trustwave Premium 256-Bit SSL$ 99.00/yr.02017-08-31
GeoTrust£ 99.00/yr.02017-08-31
Positive$ 0.00/yr.02017-08-30
Positive$ 30.00/yr.02017-08-22
Comodo€ 29.99/yr.02017-08-21
Comodo€ 29.99/yr.02017-08-21
Domain Validated,Organization Validated and EV SSL 0/yr.02017-08-17
AlphaSSLwebnic.ccon request02017-08-16
Starter for Single 1,500.00/mo.02017-08-14$ 78.00/yr.02017-08-11
Free SSL with any hosting$ 0.00/yr.02017-08-09
SSL 123 Certificatenocser.neton request02017-08-04
SSL$ 29.95/yr.02017-07-27$ 16.66/yr.02017-07-27
GeoTrust True BusinessID with$ 200.00/yr.02017-07-19
RapidSSL Certificate for 1$ 17.95/yr.02017-07-12
Standard DomainSSLhostutopia.comCAD 2.95/mo.02017-06-15
Positive SSLmovetechsolutions.comKES 900/yr.02017-06-10
Free SSL Plananzwebhosts.comRUP 0.00/yr.02017-06-10
POSITIVE$ 30.00/yr.02017-05-18
Web SSL Digital$ 59.95/yr.02017-05-08
Positive 13.000/yr.02017-05-07£ 9.99/yr.02017-04-28
Domain Validated$ 31.99/yr. ($ 59.99 after first term)02017-04-21 75.00/yr.02017-04-13$ 79.97/yr.02017-04-12
SSL$ 5.99/yr.02017-04-04
Free SSL certificatesfullspace.ruRUB 0.00/yr.02017-03-31
Rapid$ 42.00/yr.02017-03-30
Comodo PositiveSSLcishost.ruRUB 700.00/yr.02017-03-30$ 18.00/yr.02017-03-19
Domain$ 75.00/yr.02017-03-17
Alpha$ 16.99/yr.02017-03-16
RapidSSL SSL€ 35.00/yr.02017-03-16

SSL Certificate authorities, official issuer of SSL Digital Encrypted Certificate

GoDaddy now provides SSL certificates. They offer 3 different certificates: Turbo, High-Assurance, and Wildcard SSL certificates. The Turbo starts at 29.95/year. All certificates have 128-bit encryption and 99% browser compatability. The Turbo SSL certificate can be issued within minutes and the High-Assurance SSL certificate can be issued within a couple of hours
Provider of 128-bit certificates and various other security related products.
- Enterprise SSL Certificates
Secure your e-transactions and maximize budget efficiencies with an Enterprise SSL Certificate
In response to demand from larger organizations such as multi-nationals and conglomerates we have developed the Enterprise SSL range of SSL Certificates, delivering peace of mind and superior-quality service to high-value projects worldwide. Specifically designed to meet the needs of the enterprise market, all products in this range have a dedicated account manager for ease of access and come with a freephone number for priority support, free site seal and unlimited reissues. And, to minimize the security issues caused by expiring certificates - so vital when considering the scale and value of transactions with organizations of this size - we have set these certificates to have a minimum life of 2 years.
Comodo recognizes that cost-effectiveness is a key requirement, no matter how large the company is, with the Enterprise SSL range starting from only €249 for a 2 year certificate - the most cost-effective enterprise specific certificates available. All products in the range have 99.3% browser recognition and 128-bit encryption as standard, providing the highest levels of peace of mind.
- Free Secure Email Certificates
Free Secure Email Certificates allow you to encrypt and digitally sign email and attachments keeping them secure and confidential. Please note that free Secure Email Certificates are for non-commercial use only. Other Certification Authorities will charge you up to $20 for a Certificate to secure your email, so take advantage of this unique offering and start securing your email now!
Certificate authority offering a range of services including PKI and a seal program.
Wildcard SSL Certificates Secure UNLIMITED Servers and Subdomains!Secure Unlimited Servers with One SSL Cert! (certificate also covers unlimited first-level sub-domains) You get Strong 256 Bit Encryption, Secure Site Seal, & Web PKI to easily manage multiple SSL Certs.

Digital Certificate 256 Bit (Single Certs - Secure Seal Included Free)Secure web servers and ecommerce websites with Strong 256 Bit Digital Certificate SSL Encryption for only a Fraction of the Cost of brands like Verisign, or Thawte. Site Seal & Web PKI Management included Free!
Bulk vendor of 128-bit certificates offering PKI and verification services.
Identrust | Digital Signature Trust Co.
DST was the first CA to be licensed in the U.S. DST provides PKI-based digital certificate services and electronic commerce solutions for commercial and government clients. DST creates the trust that enables organizations to fully benefit from electronic commerce.
Certificate authority offering 128 and 256 bit certificates. Also a provider of various security products including validation and vulnerability testing
EBIZID has been providing Low cost Highly trusted SSL Certificates since 2000, this year we have expanded our product offerings to include higher encryption 256 bit SSL Certificates, Merchant Services, Fraud Prevention Technologies, Web Site Certification and Monitoring, Secure Web Hosting and Dedicated Servers. We have a proven track record for providing 24 hour quality customer service. Our new product offerings will now allow us to provide our customers with a true one stop shopping for all their online needs.
Enterprise SSL
Provider of wildcard and single domain 128-bit Comodo SSL warranted certificates for web servers.
Subsidiary of Entrust Technologies. sells digital certificates that enable Web servers to establish Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) sessions.
Vendor of SSL certificates that features an indentity verification program
The Leading European Trusted Network of Certification Authorities.
Complete Ssl
CompleteSSL Certificates deliver you industry standard SSL and are trusted by 99.3% of the current Internet users - making their ssl certificate more cheaply available and as trusted as the more expensive Certificates from Verisign & Thawte
Network Solutions SSL Certificates
Offers digital certificate services and other ecommerce solutions.
A Denmark based provider of 128 bit certificates and identity assurance products.
Provider of wildcard, single and multi-year warranted 128-bit SSL certificates for web servers.
Thawte Digital Certificates
Global certification authority offering a range of SSL and code signing digital certificate products.
Reseller of 128Bit QuickSSL Premium, RapidSSL and Geotrust Verified Domain Certificates.
Trustwave Holdings, Inc
Cyber security threats know no boundaries, thereby making every organization in the world a potential target. However, each industry faces unique challenges when it comes to guarding their data and users, and responding to compliance mandates..
Instant SSL (by Comodo)
Comodo Positive SSL/Psoft
Rapid Ssl
RapidSSL Stable, 128/256 bit single root install SSL certificates ideal for lite ecommerce. Automated 2 step validation gives you your certificate immediately without the need to fax in paperwork. The lowest cost single root certificate available!

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