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Managed Hosting

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  • No. plans: 40
  • No. testim: 4
  • Alexa Rank: 1533
  • Links Count: 33726

(Los Angeles, California) - InMotion Hosting, Inc (est. 2001) is having employees average with over 4 years of hosting experience and are backed by senior staff with over 10 years of experience. Combining this knowledge with friendly staff and responsive management yields our best tech support team. updated May 2016
  • No. plans: 17
  • No. testim: 2
  • Alexa Rank: 3900
  • Links Count: 6907
  • No. plans: 28
  • No. testim: 2
  • Alexa Rank: 89126
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(Yorkshire, Yorkshire) - Web Hosting UK provides affordable Web Hosting & Domains helping you get your website online in no time, we can even help you with the process by chatting to us online if you’re unsure which package would suit you best. A full list of our services includes Domains – Affordable Domains ... updated Dec 2017
  • No. plans: 26
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rank: 6820756
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  • No. plans: 25
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  • Alexa Rank: 422415
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Quick comparison of the last added cheapest plans for brands in Managed hosting products

Plan NameBrandPlatformDiskSpaceTransferMemoryPriceSetupHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
Managed Web Iconweb-hosting-uk.comLinux100 GB SSD1000 GB1024 MB£ 49.99/mo.0100 / 0 / 02017-12-14 Iconhosting.comLinux/Windowsunlimitedunmetered $ 250.00/mo.0 2017-12-10
Hosting Icon1and1.comCloud50 GB SSDunmetered1000 MB$ 14.99/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-11-14
MANAGED DEDICATED Icontelasera.comLinux/Windows2000 GB2000 GB16000 MBZAR 2,445.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 52017-11-13
Business Iconkinsta.comCloud10 GB SSDunmetered $ 100.00/mo.0 2017-11-07
Managed cluster Iconmittwald.deLinux480 GB SSDunmetered32000 MB€ 398.98/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 12017-10-09
Managed Dedicated Icon3essentials.comWindows500 GB SSDunmetered8000 MB$ 149.99/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 02017-09-22 Iconhostway.comLinux/Windows1000 GB2000 GB8000 MB$ 299.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-09-19
WordPress - Iconiozoom.comLinux10 GB SSDunmetered512 MB$ 5.00/mo.022017-08-25
VPS (BUSINESS) Iconedznet.comLinux320 MB SAS8000 GB8000 MBZAR 1,699.00/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 12017-08-23
Super Iconaxndata.fiLinux2 GB SSD5000 GB € 30.00/yr.0 2017-08-23 Iconcentron.deWindows2 GBunmetered $ 9.95/mo.0 2017-07-23
Turbo Professional hosting SSD 3D in Europe Iconyoorshop.frLinux50 GB SSDunmetered4096 MB€ 24.95/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 12017-05-25
ABACO MS LINUX Iconabacohosting.comLinux1000 GB5000 GB4000 MB$ 249.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22017-05-17 Iconongrid.ioLinux10 GB SSDunmetered2000 MB$ 9.63/mo.03 / 12017-04-17
Managed server - 4x vCPU, 32GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 500GB Iconvshosting.czLinux1000 GB SSDunmetered32000 MB€ 216.00/mo.0 2017-03-30
Managed Server Icon1blu.deLinux100 GBunmetered3000 MB€ 1.00/mo. (€ 9.9 after 6 mo.)0unlimited / 1 / 12017-01-21
Managed VServer Iconnine.chLinux100 GB HDD 10000 RPM100 GB3000 MBCHF 159.00/mo.CHF 159 / 12017-01-06
Managed Server (SG) Iconoryon.netLinux600 GB SASunmetered16000 MBSGD 549.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22017-01-02
Servidores e VM's Iconcloudbyte.ptWindowsunlimitedunmetered on request0unlimited / 0 / 02016-11-01
Managed WordPress GB SAS200 GB AUD 49.00/mo.01 / 0 / 12016-09-07
Managed Server Iconhetzner.deLinux240 GB SSD50000 GB32000 MB€ 108.40/mo.€ 108.4unlimited / 0 / 12016-07-30 Iconresellerclub.comLinux1000 GB5000 GB $ 170.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22016-07-24 Iconasmallorange.comLinux30 GB SSD1000 GB $ 45.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 02016-07-14
Managed Shared Iconlunarpages.comLinux/Windows5 GB50 GB $ 39.95/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 02016-06-09

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Joomla Warning Issued by Managed Hosting Provider WiredTree - Dec, 2015 - WiredTree issued a Joomla CMS warning recently stating a possible vulnerability within the system. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and offers a variety of hosting services, such as virtual, dedicated and hybrid. WiredTree announced the ...
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