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Emails hosting is a very valuable resource nowadays, with the explosion in demand for email services and the huge number of people who send and receive email messages every day. Email hosting can be a very attractive option for companies, especially as a means of gaining new customers.Hosting companies that offer email hosting necessarily have large server resources. Email hosting is potentially a very large enterprise, depending on how many bells and whistles are offered. Email hosting [...]

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  • Basic
    : $ 0.00/mo.($ 1.99 after 1 mo.) : Linux Emails
  • Business
    : $ 0.00/mo.($ 14.95 after 1 mo.) : Linux Emails
  • No. plans: 40
  • No. testim: 4
  • Alexa Rank: 1858
  • Links Count: 33726

(West Yorkshire, West Yorkshire) - Webhosting UK was established in the year 2001 with a pivotal aspiration to offer the best quality unmatched services and customer satisfaction that was in everyone's price range. Since it's inception, Webhosting UK has been committed to entrust customers with effective & easy to use web ... updated Jul 2016
  • No. plans: 44
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rank: 149135
  • Links Count: 424

(San Mateo, California) - Dynadot is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and web host located in San Mateo, California. Founded in 2002 by a software engineer, our primary focus is engineering and design excellence. Our custom written, state-of-the-art domain and hosting software is stable, fast, and easy to use. From updated Mar 2016
  • No. plans: 7
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rank: 31637
  • Links Count: 629

(Niagara Falls, New York) - HostPapa is an award-winning, established web hosting service with your best interests in mind. HostPapa is also a leader in green hosting. When you purchase a web-hosting package with HostPapa, you not only receive one of the most fully featured hosting packages on the market, but also ...
  • No. plans: 22
  • No. testim: 0
  • Alexa Rank: 79229
  • Links Count: 584

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Plan NameBrandPlatformDiskSpaceTransferPriceSetupDate Plan
G Iconpowweb.comLinux/Windows30 GBunmetered$ 5.00/mo.02017-09-11
METROMAIL SECURE Iconhostmetro.comLinux/Windows10 GBunmetered$ 2.50/mo.02017-09-11 Iconscalahosting.comLinux50 GB SSDunmetered$ 0.50/mo.02017-09-07
1 Email Icon101domain.comLinux/Windowsunlimitedunmetered$ 1.00/mo.02017-09-05
Basic Iconhostmysite.comLinux/Windows2 GBunmetered$ 2.50/mo.02017-09-05
Business Iconglobehost.comLinux/Windows5 GBunmetered$ 6.00/yr.02017-09-02
MailDomain Basic v2.0 + Iconeuserv.comLinuxunlimitedunmetered€ 1.79/mo.€ 8.992017-09-01
Business Iconhostadmit.comLinux2 GB SSD5 GB$ 25.0002017-08-11
EBiz Mail PRO - 20 Iconexabytes.myWindows2 GBunmeteredMYR 69.99/mo.02017-07-17
EBiz Mail PRO - 5 Iconexabytes.sgLinux100 GBunmeteredSGD 4.99/mo.02017-07-14
Emnail Iconanzwebhosts.comLinux/Windows500 MB10 GBDOL 33.00/yr.02017-06-10
BUSINESS Iconabacohosting.comCloud5 GBunmetered$ 6.00/yr.02017-05-18 Iconorwebhost.comLinux2 GB SSD5 GBNGN 2.000/yr.02017-05-07
Business GBunmeteredAUD 11.95/mo.02017-04-13 Icondomainit.comLinux1 GBunmetered$ 0.99/mo.02017-04-12
Lenasi SSDunmeteredKES 2.000/yr.02017-04-01
Personal Icondirectnic.comLinux3 GBunmetered$ 10.00/yr.02017-03-31
Email Iconglobe.luLinux1 GB SSD15 GB€ 2.50/mo.02017-03-26 Iconmovetechsolutions.comLinux1 GBunmeteredKSH 1,000.00/yr.02017-03-21
Business Icononlinenic.comLinux5 GBunmetered$ 0.50/mo.02017-03-19
Correo Iconguebs.comLinux2 GBunmetered€ 22.00/yr.02017-03-19
Email Icondynadot.comLinux20 GB3 GB$ 11.99/mo.02017-03-16
1 email + Iconhostingsolutions.itLinuxunlimitedunmetered€ 12.00/yr.02017-03-16
Secure Email Iconluxsci.comLinux50 GBunmetered$ 10.00/mo.02017-03-15
Thexyz Iconthexyz.comCloud25 GBunmetered$ 1.95/mo.02017-03-10

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