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Dedicated Hosting - Service or dedicated server, is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an hole server not shared with anyone. This is more stable and flexible than shared webhosting, as customer have full control over the server(s), including choice of hardware and operating system. Server administration and maintenance can usually be provided by the hosting company as an add-on service with extra cost. A dedicated server offer less overhead and a larger return on [...]

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  • A8i
    : $ 0.00/mo.($ 69.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • XL6
    : $ 0.00/mo.($ 79.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • XL8
    : $ 0.00/mo.($ 119.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • XXL24i
    : $ 0.00/mo.($ 349.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • A8i SSD
    : $ 29.99/mo.($ 79.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • L-16
    : $ 49.99/mo.($ 69.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • Flex Special L4i
    : $ 59.99/mo. : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • X4i
    : $ 59.99/mo.($ 119.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • XL-32
    : $ 139.99/mo.($ 199.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • XL12i
    : $ 149.99/mo.($ 299.99 after 6 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • XL-64
    : $ 179.99/mo.($ 239.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • X8i
    : $ 224.99/mo.($ 449.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • X10i
    : $ 299.99/mo.($ 599.99 after 3 mo.) : Linux/Windows Dedicated
  • No. plans: 40
  • No. testim: 4
  • Alexa Rank: 1533
  • Links Count: 33726
  • No. plans: 20
  • No. testim: 4
  • Alexa Rank: 32287
  • Links Count: 7261

(Los Angeles, California) - InMotion Hosting, Inc (est. 2001) is having employees average with over 4 years of hosting experience and are backed by senior staff with over 10 years of experience. Combining this knowledge with friendly staff and responsive management yields our best tech support team. updated May 2016

  • No. plans: 17
  • No. testim: 2
  • Alexa Rank: 3900
  • Links Count: 6907

(Agoura Hills, California) - The GreenGeeks administration group has more than 40 years of involvement in giving high caliber, moderate site facilitating. Your record will use just the best of breed server equipment, the most reliable system suppliers and the most up and coming programming programs accessible anyplace on the we updated Apr 2016

  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testim: 2
  • Alexa Rank: 49345
  • Links Count: 1014

(Stuart, Florida) - GlowHost just might be the best web hosting provider that you may have never heard of. For over a decade, the company's unique approach to web hosting has resulted in an extremely well-oiled machine that has been the invisible backbone for hundreds of thousands of domains worldwide. GlowHost special updated Mar 2017

  • No. plans: 15
  • No. testim: 1
  • Alexa Rank: 649627
  • Links Count: 1087

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Plan NameBrandPlatformDiskSpaceTransferMemoryPriceSetupHosted Websites /
Free Domains / IP's
Date Plan
Taiwan 20Mbps SUPER SALE Iconvandweb.comLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered6000 MB$ 60.00/mo.0unlimited / 12017-12-14
Intel Xeon E3-1230 (4x Cores) Iconjaguarpc.comLinux1000 GB20000 GB8000 MB$ 119.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-12-09 Icondataplugs.comLinux1000 GBunmetered4000 MBHKD 838.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22017-12-07
2 x Intel Xeon Iconnocser.netLinux/Windows2000 GB HDD 10000 RPMunmetered32000 MBMYR 835.00/mo.0unlimited / 12017-12-07 Iconisomedia.comLinux1000 GB1000 GB2000 MB$ 79.00/mo.$ 25unlimited / 0 / 12017-12-06
Dedic Icongohost.kzLinux/Windows500 GBunmetered KZT 35,000.00/mo.KZT 4000unlimited2017-11-28
HP MicroServer Iconxethost.comLinux180 GB SSDunmetered4000 MB$ 69.00/mo.0unlimited / 42017-11-24
Ultra Value Iconultrawebhosting.comLinux4 GB1000 GB4000 MB$ 99.95/mo.0unlimited / 62017-11-22 Iconfairyhosting.comLinux/Windows4000 GBunmetered € 109.00/mo.€ 99unlimited2017-11-21 Iconwarnahost.comLinux10 GB SSDunmetered1500 MBIDR 70.000/mo.0unlimited / 12017-11-20 Iconsimplehelix.comLinux146 GB HDD 10000 RPMunmetered16000 MB$ 194.95/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-11-18
Dual L5420 Icongomanilahost.netLinux1000 GBunmetered24000 MBPHP 4,000.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 52017-11-17
Flex Special Icon1and1.comLinux/Windows1000 GBunmetered12000 MB$ 59.99/mo.$ 49unlimited / 1 / 12017-11-14
Dedicated Server US Iconorcwebhosting.comLinux1000 GB5000 GB4000 MB$ 129.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 22017-11-12
E3-1241v3 Icon1gservers.comLinux/Windows2000 GB20000 GB16000 MB$ 76.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 12017-11-08
16 Iconspectrohost.comLinux/Windows120 GB SSD20000 GB16000 MB$ 150.00/mo.$ 50unlimited / 0 / 52017-11-05
BNLX Icononlinetroubleshooters.comLinux4 GB HDD 10000 RPM30 GB4000 MB$ 109.00/mo.0unlimited / 52017-11-03
POWEREDGE Iconcentohost.comLinux/Windows2000 GBunmetered16000 MB$ 83.85/mo. ($ 129 after 3 mo.)0unlimited / 0 / 12017-10-28 Iconsmartape.ruLinux/Windows240 GB SSDunmetered16000 MB$ 53.90/mo.0unlimited2017-10-27
DEDICATED Icontelasera.comLinux/Windows2000 GB2000 GB16000 MBZAR 945.00/mo.0unlimited / 0 / 52017-10-26
VH-SERVER Iconviethosting.comLinux/Windows240 GB SSDunmetered4000 MB$ 175.00/mo.$ 40unlimited / 0 / 12017-10-17
Dedicated Server in Iconuaesol.comLinux/Windows500 GB HDD 10000 RPM1000 GB4000 MB$ 169.00/mo.0unlimited / 12017-10-17
Dedicated Iconvillagehosting.inLinux2000 GB SSD2147483647 GB16000 MB$ 77.00/mo.0unlimited / 1 / 52017-10-13 GB SASunmetered32000 MB$ 120.00/mo.0unlimited2017-10-10 Iconlgvps.comLinux/Windows200 GB SSD2147483647 GB16000 MB$ 63.00/mo.0unlimited / 12017-10-04

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