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ho.ua (ho.ua) has been added on Sep 11, 2014.
mirohost.net (mirohost.net) has been added on Dec 13, 2006.
ZZZ.com.ua (zzz.com.ua) has been added on Jul 26, 2015 and last updated on Oct 28, 2016.

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Total Reviews: 4
Average Rating: 7 of 10
Good Reviews: 3
Bad Reviews: 1
Official Responses: 0
4 user reviews


ул. Святокрестовская 30/63
Варшава 00-016
Email hostmaster@i...taras@z...
Phone  +380730327912
RanksAlexa Rating87,088▼-8169 (lower is better)
Alexa Rank in UA 1,732
Alexa Rating173,895▲14285 (lower is better)
Domains4,768 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in UA 2,918
Alexa Rating82,686▼-3673 (lower is better)
Domains224▲8 (higher is better)
Alexa Rank in RU 14,612
Languages uk-UAru-RU ru-RU uk-UA
Info64 mb of disk space. Ability to bind your domain. CGI, MySQL, SSI, Perl, PHP. Traffic is unlimited. Read full review.MiroHost.net - Веб-хостинг в Украине. Регистрация доменов. Колокация. Read full review.Virtually every webmaster, web developer, web designer, programmer, specialist in of SEO, creation / promotion websites, online marketing, and any other competent IT professional, pertaining to the concept of the website and the internet, before becoming such when I used-or free web hosting.

Basically www.zzz.com.ua services provided by free web hosting demand for the two categories of Internet users, with the relevant objectives:

- Practitioners and have some experience of professionals [...]
Read full review.
Established-September, 2001-
Site speedVery fast, load 0.8 sec. 85% sites are slower
SEO Links count 923
Very fast, load 0.8 sec. 89% sites are slower
SEO Links count 555
Average, load 2 sec. 45% sites are slower
SEO Links count 8,182
Socials Info
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User Shares
  • Linkedin Shared Count: 2
  • Linkedin Shared Count: 5
  • Linkedin Shared Count: 0
--zzz.com.ua Iconzzz_web_hosting
Started from: July, 2015
  • Tweets: 17,246
  • Followers: 275
  • Friends: 127
  • Language: ru,und,bg
--zzz.com.ua IconХостинг Zzz.com.ua
  • Likes:362
  • Talking peoples about them: 6
  • Last activity: Jan 08, 2018
--zzz.com.ua IconABC Hosting Ltd dba Zzz.com.ua
  • Circled accounts:203
  • Last activity: Jan 08, 2018
-mirohost.net Blog
  • Blog Posts:78
  • Software Wordpress version 4.6.7
  • First post from: Oct, 2017
  • Language: uk
  • Last written post: Jan 17, 2018
ZZZ.com.ua Blog
  • Blog Posts:61
  • Blog added on: 2015 Nov
  • Language: en-US
  • Last written post: Aug 29, 2017
Supported Operating Systems
  • Linux
List of products
  • Shared Hosting
Last positive / negative customer reviews
-anonymous- (lovekent5246@m...)
on Apr 19, 2017
Лучший бесплатный хостинг который я видел.Хорошая и быстрая поддержка.На самом деле хороший хост, быстрая прогрузка, легкая регистрация и установка, низкие цены и хорошие предложения пакетов.Особая благодарность их программистам, не видел еще [...]

-anonymous- (-no email-)
on Sep 10, 2015
zzz is normal in something but the wholw image is awful
Well, zzz provides no support at all. They have deleted my message with a problem on the forum, they lie and have the buggy panel. The site was in Polish, while panel in UA/RU. I don't recommend it to anyone
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