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About: Roweb leverages the latest technological updates and market insights to deliver complete software solutions.
Description: We're a software services company with a solid background in implementing complex projects for global clients. Our dedicated teams of experienced software professionals have successfully implemented over 1000 projects. We develop custom software, web, desktop and mobile applications, beautiful and scalable websites that focus on the user-experience, custom online portals and Magento e-Commerce solutions.

We've worked with companies from USA, UK, Belgium, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Romania and we understand the needs of and provide solutions for companies of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large enterprises.
Industries we've developed solutions for include: Travel, Real estate, Health care, Human resources, Tourism & hospitality, Media, Social Media Marketing, Financial services and Transport & logistics.

We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients and we take great pride in our ability to keep our clients happy year after year.

Our clients typically need:

E-commerce Solutions

•Online shops & Marketplaces
•Complex product catalogues
•Custom Magento modules to extend the platform's functionality
•Paid membership solutions - Various payment solutions implementations
•3rd party integrations (CRM software import/exports, web services, APis)

Websites, Online Portals and Web Apps

•Corporate websites
•News & media publishing content management solutions
•Market-specific online applications (tourism, real estate, transportation, surveys)
•Classifieds and informational portals
•Web services APl development

Social Networking Solutions

•Social commerce applications
•Social networks
•Virtual communities
•Private membership clubs
•Adding social features to existing software

For more information about our complete range of services, please visit our website: http://www.roweb.ro/services
Mission: Our services are:

- Web Design And CMS
- E-commerce And Online Payments
- Enterprise Application Development
- Mobile Application Development
- Online Portals
- Desktop Application Development
- Web Application Development
- UX / UI & Visual Design
- Cloud Integration
- IoT Solutions
- Machine Learning Solutions

Visit www.roweb.ro to find out how we can boost your business' growth!
Websites: www.roweb.ro
Phone: +40 348 40 10 40
Founded: 2004

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We're a software services company with a solid background in implementing complex projects for global clients. Our dedicated teams of experienced software professionals have successfully implemented over 1000 projects. We develop web, desktop and mobile applications, beautiful and scalable websites that focus on the user-experience, custom online portals and Magento e-Commerce solutions, as well as provide cloud integration, machine learning and IoT solutions.

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