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Joomla hosting refers to hosting plans with PHP & MySQL support.
Joomla! is an open source CMS (content management system) platform for publishing on the Web and local networks as well as a MVC application framework. It is written in PHP + MySQL database and includes features such as printable versions of pages, page caching, news flashes, RSS feeds, polls, search, blog and multi language support.

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Joomla Web HostingJoomla! was the result of a fork of Mambo by the Joomla! development team on August 2005. The Joomla development team claimed that many of the provisions of the foundation structure went against previous agreements made by the elected Mambo Steering Committee, lacked the necessary consultation with key stake-holders and included provisions that violated core open source values.

The Joomla! development team created a .org web site called OpenSourceMatters to distribute information to users, developers, web designers and the community in general. The project team leader Andrew Eddie, AKA "MasterChief" wrote an open letter to the community which appeared on the announcements section of the public forum at mamboserver.com.

A little more than one thousand people had joined the opensourcematters.org web site within a day, most posting words of encouragement and support, and the web site received the slashdot effect as a result. Miro CEO Peter Lamont gave a public response to the development team in an article titled "The Mambo Open Source Controversy - 20 Questions With Miro". This event created controversy within the free software community about the definition of "open source". Forums at many other open source projects were active with postings for and against the actions of both sides.

In the two weeks following Eddie's announcement, teams were re-organized and the community continued to grow. Eben Moglen and the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) assisted the Joomla! core team beginning in August 2005, as indicated by Moglen's blog entry from that date and a related OSM announcement.

Joomla! (Joomla 1.0.0) was released on September 16, 2005. It was a re-branded release of Mambo which, itself, was combined with other bug and moderate-level security fixes.

Joomla! won the Packt Publishing Open Source Content Management System Award in both 2006 and 2007.

On October 27, 2008, PACKT Publishing announced Johan Janssens the "Most Valued Person" (MVP) for his work as one of the lead developers of the 1.5 Joomla Framework and Architecture. In 2009 Louis Landry received the "Most Valued Person" award for his role as Joomla architect and development coordinator.

By October, 2009, the 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share Report reached the conclusion that Joomla! is the web's most popular open source content management system. That conclusion was based on an extensive analysis of rate of adoption patterns and brand strength and was backed by a survey of users.

At the end of April 2010 a beta version of 1.6 was made available for testing purposes.

Joomla can be installed manually from source code on a system running a web server which supports PHP applications. Manual installation usually requires more time and experience than other alternatives such as installing Joomla from a package management system or using a TurnKey Joomla appliance which pre-integrates Joomla and its dependencies as a ready to use system

Joomla can also be installed via the Microsoft Web Platform Installer which installs Joomla on Windows and IIS. The Web PI will automatically detect any missing dependencies such as PHP or MySQL then install and configure them before installing Joomla.

Joomla is used all over the world to power Web sites of all shapes and sizes. For example:

* Corporate Web sites or portals
* Corporate intranets and extranets
* Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
* E-commerce and online reservations
* Government applications
* Small business Web sites
* Non-profit and organizational Web sites
* Community-based portals
* School and church Web sites
* Personal or family homepages

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